The S5PVAL-BERLIN campaign is a collaboration between FUB and BIRA-IASB. The campaign aims at performing regular airborne measurements of the horizontal distribution of the NO2 tropospheric vertical density over Berlin in coincidence with S-5p overpasses. Measurements will be based on an adapted version of the SWING hyperspectral imaging instrument mounted in a wingpod, in order to provide an S-5p validation dataset above this area. SWING will be mounted permanently in a wingpod of the FUB motorglider. The campaign will start in October 2020 and regular flights, covering different seasons, will take place in the course of one year, when weather conditions permit. Approximately 15 to 20 flights will take place over the Berlin area. The sampled area will be the same as sampled during the AROMAPEX campaign, and will cover approximately 20-25 TROPOMI pixels per flight. The primary target will be tropospheric NO2 VCDs, which can be directly compared to the satellite product.


Tropospheric NO2 VCD map retrieved from SWING (~325 m spatial resolution) for a flight over Berlin on 21 April 2016 (AROMAPEX campaign). The key contributing NO2 emission sources are indicated by a black triangle (power plant Reuter West) and black diamond (Messe Berlin). The highways A100 and A113, running south of the city, are marked by the grey line (© Google Maps).



FUB ASK16 motor glider.



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